“Birds of the same feather flock together“. At IBAK the dedicated and passionate group of members both past and present have exemplified the above saying to T. and not letting personal issues or other distractions to lose focus on the single minded idea of promoting badminton in Kuwait. The IBAK team has stood like a rock through all the trails and tribulations to shine as the pioneers of promoting the sport in Kuwait and thereby proving that “Teamwork works”. The IBAK team has been able to achieve such great heights by involving together as one family literally and virtually. The dedication of the team has rubbed off on many a badminton lover and four successive term members have made sure that the flag of IBAK will keep flying high.

Kudos..!! To team IBAK.


Dr. Manimara Chozhan

Passion is an addiction that probably transcends any known boundary. To raise up an institution like IBAK needed a leader with a vision. Professionalism in any sport brings forth results far beyond expectations and this cannot be more true of the man who has envisioned, formulated, guided and also encouraged like minded individuals in bringing to fruition of having a single sport association – The Indian Badminton Association Kuwait (IBAK). More truer words cannot be attributed to the man behind this mission, the chairman, Dr. Manimara Chozhan. An Orthopedic Surgeon by profession and a badminton lover at heart, he has led from the front and inspired many to take the sport to higher levels in our second home- Kuwait. He continues to guide and champions the tagline of IBAK – Inspire, Train, Achieve.


Anesh Mathew

General Secretary

Ajayakumar Vasudevan


Shaik Kareemulla

Courts Director

Subin Varghese

Tournament Director

Prasad K T

Logistics Director

Chandrahas K T

External Audit

Antony Marshal

Web Director

Sreenivas Sreedhara

Umpiring Director

Pradeep Kumar

IIBA Director


Bobby Varghese

Membership Secretary

Ibrahim Sahil

Courts Secretary

Anil George Rajan

Tournament Secretary

Abdul Latheef

Event Management Secretary

Sam Joy

Public Relations Secretary

Arunadevi Jeyaraj

Arts Secretary

Ancy Roy

Ladies Wing Secretary

Ramesh K P

Logistics Secretary

Ramesh Chandra

Coaching Secretary

Jawid Khan

Web Secretary

Joint Secretaries

Anoop Premkumar


Vijay K Kommeri

Event Management

Committee Members

Arun M.C

Web Committee

Faheem Contractor

Ranking Committee

James Mathew

Audit Committee

Oommen Biju

Audit Committee


Audit Committee

Arun M.C

Web Committee

Aneef K Latheef

Ranking Committee

Faheem Contractor

Ranking Committee