IBAK Court Etiquette

IBAK has a set a rules and guidelines to help ensure all players have an enjoyable evening of badminton. As IBAK has grown in size in recent years, it is becoming increasingly difficult to communicate with everyone the fundamentals on which the association is built. This brief guide aims to remind all players of IBAK’s core values and the spirit with which we play badminton.

Most of the guidelines are common courtesy, whilst others are specific to the badminton court. By adhering to IBAK’s guidelines on etiquette, you will be helping us provide a safe, warm, and friendly environment for playing badminton.


  • All members must play within the IBAK rules and laws of badminton and respect officials and their decisions.
  • Respect between members is to be maintained at all times
  • Abusive, violent and harassing behavior (physical, verbal, visual, etc.) will not be tolerated at any time. At the discretion of the committee, players who are found to be in breach of this rule will no longer be permitted to play.
  • Do not walk on courts that people are playing on – leave at least a foot of clear space beyond the court when walking past, and especially don’t take a short cut over the corners
  • At times, you may be paired up with players less advanced than yourself. Look after them, offer help, and make them feel welcome on court. Remember, everyone has to start from somewhere and you were once a beginner too.
  • If you have any queries, complaints and suggestions, you may kindly bring it to the attention of a committee member who should be able to assist.


  • All Members and guest players are requested to take care of IBAK assets and equipment’s.
  • If you arrive early, please assist with Gym supervisor to setting up the net and poles in position on court.
  • Similarly, if you are the last players at the club, please help us to collect any remaining shuttlecocks left on the floor and put it on waste basket.


  • IBAK runs on 1-hour slot system which all members can book the thru our online booking (Except Professional Level) for all the working days.
  • All the members are allowed to play minimum ony 1 hour.
  • Please wait for your turn of booking.
  • Courts should be swept prior to play
  • To ensure everyone’s safety, do not walk across the court whilst games are in progress. Walk around the court instead.
  • Please leave the courts tidy. Take away or dispose of any rubbish you are responsible for.
  • Wear Non Marking shoes on court and Do not wear outdoor shoes on court.
  • Wear tidy and clean sports clothes.
  • Singles are to be avoided if all courts are full and there are people waiting to play.
  • Pay your dues ON TIME!


  • Introduce yourself to your partner if you have never met. You may optionally introduce yourself to your opponents, if practical.
  • Toss the shuttlecock up to determine which side will serve.
  • If your shuttlecock lands on another court, wait for a break in play before retrieving it.
  • If you lose the point and the shuttlecock is on your side of the court, it is considered polite to fetch and return the shuttlecock to the opponent’s court.
  • Don’t go under the net when changing sides.
  • Picking up the shuttlecock: If your serve fails or the shuttlecock lands in your side of the court you have to pick it up and hit it back to the opponent. This is basic etiquette.
  • Don’t hit the shuttlecock under the net when returning it to the opponent, it must be hit over the net.
  • Don’t make any sounds that will put your opponent off during a match and Avoid using foul language.
  • When the match ends, whether winning or losing, the players should shake hands; the losing side shouldn’t ignore the other out of pique. The umpire should also be thanked and his/her hand shaken.
  • For matches, both sides should first line up and shake hands before playing.
  • When you or your partner lose a point when serving or smashing you should return the shuttlecock to your opponent not wait and let them retrieve it.
  • When serving, pay attention to whether the opponent is ready.
  • If a smash hits the opponent or a lucky point is won (when the shuttlecock hits the net but still goes over, for example) a gesture of apology should be made.

Line Calls

  • Make fair line calls when the shuttlecock lands on your side of the court.
  • The person nearest to the shuttlecock has the final decision and the call should not be disputed.
  • If you are in doubt as to whether the shuttlecock is in or out, either call it in favor of your opponent or play a LET.

Outdoor Footwear

  • Outdoor Footwear not allowed to wear inside IBAK Gym. All the players should keep the outside footwear in shoe racks provided at the entrance.
  • Please help keep our floors clean at the entrance.

Enjoy Badminton

  • To ensure that all players enjoy our IBAK facilities.
  • To encourage friendly competition and rivalries, but we place greater emphasis on having fun.
  • Don’t take things too seriously.
  • Be gracious in victory and defeat.
  • Smile and laugh often.