Kuwait Badminton Challenge (KBC) is our prime and Big Ticket International tournament which was established in 2014 as GCC Invitational Tournament and after the 3rd edition this was renamed as the Kuwait Badminton Challenge in 2017 The event has proved successful and even more attractive year after year. In the past many world ranked players particularly from India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Qatar, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bahrain and Pakistan have participated in this prestigious event and it has expanded the geographical reach of the players from different parts of the globe.
KBC is the only international badminton championship in Kuwait and IBAK is the only facility with the base to successfully host and run this event within the country. For almost a decade, KBC has given an opportunity for both local and international players, an arena packed with best badminton in Kuwait.



Subin Varghese      Mobile : +965 - 50833630

Anil George Rajan      Mobile : +965 - 65141374

Anoop Premkumar      Mobile : +965 - 51334518



KBC 2022 Team Event

Winner IBAK ALL STARS (6th Time Champion)
Runners up IBAK Challengers

Runners up IBAK Challengers

Semi Finalist IBAK Torepedos
Semi Finalist Shuttle Stingners
Semi Finalist Shuttle Stingners


Open Events

  • Under 17 Girls Doubles
    Winners: Amrita Anaikumar & Anjana Sajeev
    Runners Up: Zoya Ismail & Nikita Rebello
    Semifinalist 1: Nandhana V & Nanditha V
    Semifinalist 2: Angel Subin & Angela Tony

  • Under 17 Boys Doubles
    Winners: Varad Bharaskar & Edwin Bobby
    Runners Up: Rolland Allen & Avaneeshwar Veeraprathapan
    Semifinalist 1: Nithin Baiju & Sion Baiju
    Semifinalist 2: Varun Siva & Addison Sumesh

  • Under 17 Girls Singles
    Winner: Neha Susan Biju
    Runner Up: Anjana Sajeev
    Semifinalist 1: Nikitha Rebello
    Semifinalist 2: Kamalini Ramesh

  • Under 17 Boys Singles
    Winner: Dhruva Bhardwaj
    Runner Up: Rohan Vagvala
    Semifinalist 1: Vaibhav Sreejith
    Semifinalist 2: Varun Siva Sreejith

  • Under 19 Boys Doubles
    Winners: Dhruva Bhardwaj & Aiden Mathew
    Runners Up: Surya Manoj & Eric Thomas
    Semifinalist 1: Edwin Bobby & Varad Bharaskara
    Semifinalist 2: Rohan Vagvala & Ebin Shijo Paul

  • Under 19 Girls Singles
    Winner: Neha Susan Biju
    Runner Up: Kamalini Ramesh
    Semifinalist 1: Nandhana V
    Semifinalist 2: Nanditha V

  • Under 19 Boys Singles
    Winner: Dhruva Bhardwaj
    Runner Up: Ebin Shijo Paul
    Semifinalist 1: Edwin Bobby
    Semifinalist 2: Varad Bharaskar

Womens Doubles

  • Winners: Neha Susan Biju & Rosyita Eka Putri
    Runners Up: Amrita Anaikumar & Anjana Sajeev
    Semifinalist 1: Zoya Ismail & Nikitha Rebello
    Semifinalist 2: Shammah Tomacruz & Manju Rony

  • Above 50 Mens Doubles
    Winners: Venkata Raju Akula & Venkata Lingeswara Barry
    Runners Up: Dr Tamer Rafat & Xavier Raphel
    Semifinalist 1: Faheem Contractor & Chandra Mouli
    Semifinalist 2: Bader Kalliparambil & Thomas Kunnil

  • Mixed Doubles
    Winners: Alfian Eko & Rosyita Eka Putri
    Runners Up: Ashith Surya & Alma Benito
    Semifinalist 1: Lim Jian & Jayalakshmi
    Semifinalist 2: Venkat Prasad Gaurav & Neha Susan Biju

  • Winners: Joby Mathew & Ajay Varghese
    Runners Up: Sajeev Punnackal & Anil John
    Semifinalist 1: Subin Varghese & Anoop Premkumar
    Semifinalist 2: Bibin V Joy & Manoj Markose

  • Flight 2 Professional Mens Doubles
    Winners: Kushal Raj & Prakash Raj
    Runners Up: Abdul Jabbar & Aneef K Latheef
    Semifinalist 1: Noufal Kv & Adrash Mini Suraj
    Semifinalist 2: Kiran Balaji & Sayooj Ajayakumar

  • Flight 1 Elite Mens Doubles
    Winners: Muhammad Alfian & Hardianto
    Runners Up: Alfian Eko & Ade Yousuf Santoso
    Semifinalist 1: Kushal Raj & Prakash Raj
    Semifinalist 2: Venkat Prasad Gaurav & Siddarth Pradap Singh

  • Men Singles
    Winner: Siddarth Pratap Singh
    Runner Up: Kiran Balaji
    Semifinalist 1: Dhruva Bhardwaj
    Semifinalist 2: Edwin Bobby

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